Zaina set to release her EP, “Mindsight Melodies,” on January 26th.

From the heart of Florida, Zaina infuses her music with the vibrant energy of Orlando’s music scene. The EP, a fusion of catchy hooks and pulsating beats, promises a sonic journey through danceable emotions.

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“Mindsight Melodies” showcases Zaina’s prowess in crafting infectious tunes with thought-provoking lyrics, providing a unique blend in the Dance Pop genre. As anticipation builds, lucky listeners can enjoy an early listening experience, immersing themselves in Zaina’s creative vision.

Each track is a testament to her dedication to delivering music that resonates on a profound level. Zaina’s distinctive vocals and innovative approach make this EP a standout in the competitive music landscape. Get ready to dance and feel the vibes when “Mindsight Melodies” drops on January 26th, marking the beginning of Zaina’s ascent to Dance Pop stardom.