Michael M Jeni Unveils “No Friends” from Upcoming EP “KING”

Cedar Falls, Iowa has become a hotbed for musical talent, and one artist is making waves with his distinct AfroBeats sound. Michael M Jeni, hailing from this vibrant state city, is set to captivate audiences with his third single, “No Friends,” a preview of what’s to come on his highly anticipated EP, “KING.”

The AfroBeats Sensation

In the heart of Cedar Falls, Michael M Jeni has crafted a musical journey that fuses the rich cultural rhythms of AfroBeats with contemporary flair. “No Friends,” his latest single, stands as a testament to his ability to weave a compelling narrative through music.

Groove to the Rhythm

The infectious beats of “No Friends” invite listeners to immerse themselves in the rhythmic world that Michael has masterfully created. The song not only showcases his vocal prowess but also serves as a teaser for the upcoming EP, promising an exploration of diverse sounds and styles.

A Glimpse into “KING”

Michael M Jeni’s EP, aptly titled “KING,” is shaping up to be a musical journey like no other. With “No Friends” as the precursor, fans can anticipate a seamless blend of AfroBeats magic, promising an EP that will leave an indelible mark on the music scene.

Connect with Michael M Jeni

As we eagerly await the release of “KING,” now is the perfect time to connect with Michael M Jeni on his musical journey. Follow him on social media, stream “No Friends,” and get ready to groove to the AfroBeats vibes that are sure to dominate playlists worldwide.

In a world where music transcends boundaries, Michael M Jeni emerges as a promising artist, ready to make his mark with “No Friends” and the upcoming EP “KING.” So, let the beats take you on a journey, as we anticipate the release of more soul-stirring music from this Cedar Falls sensation.