PHATBOYLENNY ‘Strikeout’ ft. Teflon Mula

It’s time we take a trip to Baton Rouge, LA! The streets of N 35th St & Cain St to be exact – where the real vibes flow. Today, we diving deep into the gritty sounds of PHATBOYLENNY, a raw, uncut artist straight from the heart and soul of Baton Rouge.

His latest banger, “STRIKEOUT” featuring Teflon Mula, hits harder than a Louisiana summer. PHATBOYLENNY ain’t playing around – he’s spitting fire, representing the streets that raised him. The beats hit you like a punch in the gut, taking you on a journey through the struggle and triumph of the Baton Rouge hustle.

What’s even more dope is that PHATBOYLENNY is making moves with TNB RECORDS – you know, The Night Before crew. That partnership is elevating his game, and you can feel the authenticity in every rhyme. The streets are talking, and they’re saying PHATBOYLENNY is the voice of Baton Rouge.

Check out TNB RECORDS for the real deal – they’re putting Baton Rouge on the map. If you’re craving that unfiltered, street-wise hip-hop, PHATBOYLENNY’s “STRIKEOUT” is the anthem you need. It’s more than music; it’s a vibe straight from the heart of the 70802.