Who Is Calaburr?

Yo, what’s good, fam? Let me put y’all onto something real fresh in the game – the name is Calaburr, and he’s making waves you gotta ride. Straight outta the UK and Zimbabwe, Callum Guinness ain’t just your average artist – he’s the real deal, and he goes by the government name when he ain’t dropping fire tracks.

Now, this dude’s track “No 1 Goes” is blowing up the Soundcloud scene, racking up over 160,000 plays – and for good reason. Calaburr’s got that undeniable hustle, catching the attention of heavy hitters like Lil Xan and Oodaredevil. Peep this collab with Oodaredevil, “Smoke Shit Vuko Mix,” it’s a vibe.

“No 1 Goes” and “Dat Money” got the streets talking, and Calaburr’s journey from an unknown to rubbing shoulders with the likes of Lil Xan and Oodaredevil is straight legendary. Just three months deep in the game, and he’s already cooking up hits in the studio.

And hold up, the man’s not slowing down. Check out the preview of “Bruce Wayne,” featuring the talented Fuck Omarr. It’s a sneak peek into the future of this rising star.

Calaburr’s not just making music; he’s crafting an image, building a brand. Keep an eye out, ’cause if you haven’t heard of him yet, you will soon. This Zimbabwean British artist is taking the game by storm, and you better believe it’s just the beginning. Check the vibes on Soundcloud – link in his bio.