Reverberating Resonance: Celebrating Charles Wright Week Honoring a Soulful Musical Legacy

Contributing Writer: Monique T.M.

From November 1st to November 7th, music enthusiasts, history aficionados, and fans of soulful tunes are coming together to celebrate the enduring legacy of Charles Wright, an icon whose contributions have left an indelible mark on the world of music. Hosted by Soul Music Society, this week-long celebration, dubbed “Charles Wright Week,” serves as a tribute to the extraordinary talent and influence of the artist who redefined the soundscape of his era and beyond.

“Charles Wright Week is really important. We’re doing our part to amplify his legacy. He is a trailblazer who doesn’t just make songs. He creates timeless anthems that symbolize the spirit of self-expression and positivity. He unequivocally bridged the gap between generations with his hit ‘Express Yourself’. Not many artists can do that. He has truly solidified his status as a legend,” emphasized a representative from Soul Music Society.

Soul Music Society, conceived by ethnomusicologist and vocalist Jae Franklin, is an organization devoted to curating, celebrating, and preserving the essence of 1970s soul music and culture. The society’s overarching mission is to utilize its platform to deliver a comprehensive array of groundbreaking multimedia content that chronicles Black culture in an educational and entertaining manner. This is achieved through the curation and amplification of 70s soul music, art, film, fashion, and politics.

The celebration of Charles Wright Week invites everyone to partake in honoring this musical luminary. Soul Music Society proposes a few ways to engage in the festivities:

Social Media Engagement: Follow Charles Wright (@iamcharleswright_) and Soul Music Society (@soulmusicsociety) on Instagram to stay updated with the latest events and insights throughout the week. Join the conversation by engaging with likes, comments, and shares on their posts.

Share the Melodies: Spread the love of Charles Wright’s music by introducing friends and family to his iconic songs.

Listen and Support: Purchase or stream tracks such as “Express Yourself,” “Love Land,” “Doing it on the Flo,” or other songs from Charles Wright’s extensive musical repertoire.

Jae Franklin, the founder of Soul Music Society, expressed pride in the community’s support, stating, “We are most proud of our community of over 300k! They are the driving force behind SMS. We value the fact that we have an authentic and genuine connection with our community. The stories they share with us are so genuine and heartfelt.”

“We’re happy that they love our educational content just as much as the entertaining content. We are also happy that we can amplify the legacies of legends like Charles Wright! At 83, he’s still ‘doin’ it on the flo’ and we are happy to be part of his long-lasting journey!” Franklin exclaimed. “These are true indicators that give us motivation to keep building SMS. We know we’re headed in the right direction!”

Charles Wright’s contributions to music continue to resonate across generations, and the celebration of Charles Wright Week stands as a testament to his enduring influence on the musical landscape. It’s a time not just to remember but also to revel in the everlasting rhythms and melodies that have marked the journey of this legend.