Kash Sparks Drops New Highly Anticipated Single “Top Shotta”

Almost half a decade ago, Duval County rapper Kash Sparks released one of the hottest
tapes in the state of Florida called “K.R.E.A.M: Kash Rules Everything Around Me”. Local
Floridians have named Kash Sparks as one of their favorite new artists that they feel will be the
next to blow out of a music scene regarded as one of the biggest and most trendy music scenes
in the United States.

It’s been 3 years since Kash Sparks has released a new project, so fans are hoping that this new single “Top Shotta” is a sign of a new album dropping in the near future. We asked Kash a couple of questions about his newly released banger “Top Shottas”:

How did you come up with “Top Shottas”?
Kash Sparks: “We was in the studio and the producer put on the beat. I came up with the “Top
Shottas” hook in my head and thought of the movie Shottas.”

Now that it’s almost the end of the year, what plans do you have for 2024?
Kash Sparks: “I’m trying to blow, blow, blow… make an impact on the music game. It’s a lot of
trash going on when it comes to the music, so I just want to bring real music back to the real
niggas. I’m trying to work and bring the streams up.”

As the year closes and Kash Sparks debuts his new single “Top Shottas”, we look forward to
watching the Duval County rapper progress and blow up in the year 2024. He’s definitely on our
next to blow radar when it comes to artists of all genres in the Sunshine State of Florida. Follow
him for more.
Instagram: @kashsparks