Antoine The Icon ‘Focus On Me’ Feat. Playliss Babyy & Irene Florio

Antoine The Icon, a rising star from Philadelphia, PA, has swiftly left his mark in the music scene. His journey began at the age of 12, using music as a therapeutic outlet for his soul and mental health. Collaborating with artists like DJ Crazy, Mir Fontane, Trilla Sixela, and Cody Bank$, Antoine’s versatile talent shines. Drawing inspiration from legends like Tupac, MJ, J. Cole, and Toni Braxton, he seamlessly blends hip-hop, R&B, and soul into his distinct sound. His latest single, “Focus On Me,” defies genres, combining jersey club, pop, and drill music. Antoine The Icon invites us to immerse ourselves in his soul-stirring melodies, promising an extraordinary musical journey ahead.