Nicholas Grooms “Fam Bam Bigelow”

Hip hop artist and book author Nicholas Grooms recently announced his upcoming album “To the North Star, Reaching…” with the release of the song “Fam Bam Bigelow”. The track can be heard on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Tidal and most streaming platforms.

“Fam Bam Bigelow” focuses its lyrics on the insecurities of a teenage kid experiencing traumas. From panic attacks to hearing his parents at odds, the words attack a delicate era we all experience, that time where we start to bridge between childhood and adulthood.

“Most of the new album is fun and upbeat because I wrote the majority of it after my son was born. “Fam Bam” is one of those songs I loved so much I couldn’t leave it off. That time in my life is over, but I feel like confronting it is important. I am a huge advocate for mental health and talking about your issues. If talking about mine reaches anyone at all, then it was worth it to live through and write about.” said Grooms. “It’s never late to put old trauma to bed.”

“To the North Star, Reaching…” is set to drop in early 2022 in conjunction with Grooms’ poetry book “May You Mend Soon”, Grooms second book through Lateral Press.

“I feel like the coolest thing about these two projects has been the dark to light aspect. I lost my father and my aunt Connie on the same night a couple of years ago and spent a lot of time grieving and wondering what’s next and why things are the way they are. Writing as escape and my son being born while all of this happening really brought me back to life. I can’t wait to share everything I have been doing with the world.”