Kristi Flagg “Driftin”

When Kristi was in her mid 20’s she took a break from her life as a touring musician, opening for the likes of Odetta, John Gorka, and the Indigo Girls; a break that lasted the better part of 25 years. Then, in the summer of 2018, she found herself at an open mic. By the end of the night, she was singing again. Four months later, to her surprise, she was writing songs for the first time in a long while.

40 plus songs written in that following year include the 11 which make up the tracks on her 2020 release, Brave New View. In the words and melodies of that album are the stories of her adult life: the passing of her mother, the dissolution of a 20 year marriage, her exploration of meditation, the joys and challenges of finding new love. Her lyrics thoughtfully explore the balance of life’s hard learned lessons, and its profound joys.

Kristi started recording her second album The Other Side on the heels of Brave New View’s release. It is a reflective answer to her first, offering up a vulnerable, intimate collection of songs. Tracy Walton of On Deck Sound Studio produced both albums. The two share a musical language of influences which supports the production on both.

“Trying to make sense of life’s challenges is the well I return to again and again when I write. To learn from love, always: when we fall madly into it or tumble awkwardly out of it; reach for its ancient wisdom or find its lessons tucked down deep, in a long forgotten memory. Making sense of the struggle and celebrating understanding is where it’s at for me. We are all here to learn from one another as we share. Music is how I choose to share. I hope you benefit from hearing these records in one way or another. Thanks for listening.

In liberating my own being, may I benefit others.”