L.A.Chae ‘Copycat’


Pittsburgh artist L.A.Chae is back and ready to feed her fans after demands for new music grows. With the notoriety of her “Serene Bombardment” album which was released in 2019 we can say that its long overdue for new music. So L.A.Chae took a break from focusing on her upcoming EP set to release in December to drop ‘Copycat’. With so many imitators and few originators these days it was time to address it and L.A.Chae does it with ‘Copycat’. L.A.Chae definitely shows her fans growth from her music to her business moves with NxLVB3L; pronounced “no label” and it’s heavily desired merch line which you can cop at NxLVB3L.com. Check out the Copycat video below and keep up with L.A.Chae on Instagram at instagram.com/l.a.chae