SKG’s Spoken Word Music Video “Discuss of a Black Man” Dominates Charts and Sparks Conversations

Rapper and entertainer SKG, born Helecia Choyce, has ignited a cultural phenomenon with her latest spoken word music video, “Discuss of a Black Man.” Featuring renowned actors Tangie Ambrose and William L Johnson, the video explores the complexities of relationships within the black community against the backdrop of contemporary society.

Directed by Quarantiine Tarantino and Giovanni, and produced by Sclass Beats, the video immerses viewers in a theatrical setting where Johnson’s character embarks on a journey of introspection.

Through powerful spoken word performances by SKG and Ambrose, the video delves into the intricacies of black love and the challenges faced by black men and women in navigating relationships.

“Discuss of a Black Man” has quickly climbed the charts, claiming the #1 spot on the UK iTunes chart and #2 on the US iTunes chart. SKG’s ambitious goal of securing a Grammy nomination in the spoken word category underscores her dedication to using her artistry as a catalyst for social change.
By addressing pressing issues surrounding gender dynamics, societal expectations, and mutual respect within the black community, SKG’s music video prompts crucial conversations. It challenges viewers to examine their own perspectives and actions, fostering a greater understanding of the diverse experiences within the black community.

SKG’s narrative and performances invite audiences to confront uncomfortable truths and engage in constructive dialogue. “Discuss of a Black Man” not only entertains but also serves as a call to action for unity, empathy, and empowerment.

As SKG continues to advocate for marginalized voices and social justice, “Discuss of a Black Man” stands as a testament to the transformative power of art in addressing societal issues. It inspires audiences to strive for a more inclusive and equitable world, one conversation at a time.