Zerk “Kingdom”

Zerk is an American rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer from Flint, Michigan. Known for his fast paced, intricate, lyrical delivery filled with punchlines, melodic hooks and a dark storytelling cadence, Zerk began to gain recognition in 2017 after becoming the winner of the Anno Domini Nation “Best Rapper Alive Contest” with his song titled “Prove It”

Following that release, he began working on his debut album, titled “Dark Therapy”, an album that takes you on a dark, emotional, cinematic journey through Zerk’s life, exploring anger, depression, solitude and more, with tracks featuring Redman, Royce da 5’9” and Locksmith.

Zerk’s newest single, titled “Kingdom” brings a big and heavy, cinematic sound to hip hop music. Produced with a selection of orchestral instruments including recorded drums, piano, violin, cello and trumpet, mixed with powerful rap verses and singing, his song “Kingdom” brings an intense experience outlining his upbringing, paired with a music video depicting his struggles with bullying, loneliness, and creating a new world (Kingdom) inside his head where he can go to escape the outside world.