This December Lutfia Releases Stunning Debut EP ‘So Much For Summer’

‘So Much For Summer’ is London-based Lutfia’s debut EP. It incorporates a variety of different styles, including alternative pop, pop-rock, funk and dance. Each song is unique and different from the rest but Lutfia’s powerful mezzo-soprano voice and deeply personal lyrics make the project seamlessly cohesive. The unforgettable ‘Prism’ and ‘Last Night’, which were previously released as singles, are part of this EP along with four unheard tracks.

There is a sense of tender melancholy throughout the EP, even in more positive songs such as ‘City Of Angels’. Lutfia tells stories of teenage love, mental health struggles and nostalgia, each song recounting an impactful emotion, person or place in her life. The vibe and message is different in every song, ranging from self-confidence and empowerment in ‘DiCaprio Quality’ to vulnerability and anxiety in ‘Heart Of Stone And Bones Of Steel’.

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