Fallen Angels “Other Side”

It has been released on October 15, 2021 by Andromeda Relix Otherside, the second album by Fallen Angels, available on CD and STREAMING. The historic label has published a work in which responsibility, artistic and social, are combined with the desire to subvert the status quo.

Hard rock and glam are the influences from which Fallen Angels had their genesis, and with Otherside they spread the cards, aiming at more accurate songs than the previous Even priest knows (published by Sliptrick Records). The boys dare, as they do in their incendiary concerts. They look forward, without pride, aware of limits and strengths, many and remarkable.

The album was recorded in the Hypnoise Studio in Grisignano (VI), has a production up to the results that Fallen Angels wanted to achieve, with a solid rhythm section and the guitar well emphasized in the mix. All sublimated by the mastering of Basement Studio in Vicenza.

Fallen Angels experiment in an effective way, always focusing on the song form, merging musical styles in an unusual way, destroying niches with the aim of creating a transversal musical community. An approach that opposes verticalization at all costs, accompanied by the rejection of complacency by a predefined target.

You can understand this by listening to the 14 songs that make up Otherside. A myriad of diversities that joining together form a surprising record, in which the prog echoes of Desert Way do not clash with the solid The Envy, in which the rock riffing and the airy keyboards of Merchant in the middle (also first single, with video) do not clash with the Elton John piano of Woman.

With the new album Fallen Angels incite to change, to escape, to find another way, to rebel against the rules. It is an invitation to refuse the social detachment and the musical racism generated by the denial of what is different, by the laziness of knowledge.