The Red Dirt Kendall Hunt & The Shooters Walk On

The Red Dirt music movement is an interesting look at a regional sound in the growing southern rock sphere. The genre gets its name from the soil found in Oklahoma and is said to have a wide range of influences with: folk, rock, honkey tonk and all the best parts of the southern sound many have come to love. This type of music is not exclusive to the great state of Oklahoma as it has steadily spread across the southern American states including Texas which is where we find Kendall Hunt & The Shooters “Blacked Out”.

Kendall Hunt & The Shooters have been described as an electrifying Texas country band and they definitely embody that description. They take pride in their home with both their lyrics and their sound. In the sophomore single from The Shooters, “Blacked Out”, Kendall explores the fast and devilishly intoxicating lifestyle he lives as part of a southern rock band. Hunt’s aggressive and deep voice belts out prayers for everything to slow down so he can avoid the sin that is covering him. The distorted high flying guitar parts present throughout “Blacked Out” work to enhance the message Hunt is preaching. The chugging rhythm guitars and high flying sweltering solos bring urgency to “Blacked Out” and make the acoustic bridge incredibly effective in offering a reprieve from the blacked out fast pace life Hunt is portraying. The entire song makes one want to get up and move but not in the way a usual country song makes you want to move. “Blacked Out” has an edge to it from the red dirt stylings they implement. The Shooters use of distorted guitars and a driving rhythm section are swapped in to compliment Hunt’s vocals instead of the usual acoustic guitar and subtle rhythms which they are definitely still capable of performing.

You can find Kendall Hunt & The Shooters on their Facebook page, their Instagram page @kendallhuntandtheshooters, and on TikTok @kendallhuntands