The energy of Dane Louis makes audiences feel like the whiskey never wears off.

Dane Louis in his new single, “Whiskey Wears Off” talks about the energy of the night getting ahead of you. From the lyrics to the recording, audiences are surrounded by the energy of not only the story, but his writing talents.

While writing, Dane says he has always believed in the philosophy of, “the good ones pour out in five minutes”. When it came to “Whiskey Wears Off” this stayed true. Stumbling into his house, hoping to not wake his roommate, but immediately scrambling for a pencil and something to write on, this track was not one he had to wait for, but one he had to make sure he wasn’t going to miss. Not letting a single lyric or melody slip his mind, he sat in the company of his roommates giant Bernese Mountain Dog and quietly mapped out his new hit.

This chaos of chasing the moment can be heard in his track too. With the raw instrumentals, and no samples or computer generated sounds, this jam is one that is as honest as the lyrics. Leaving no time for change, Louis kept the classic rock and roll sound and in turn has been able to draw in more listeners than ever.

“This song has probably been the most well received, requested, and replayed song I’ve ever had. Everyone always seems elated and engaged by the first chorus and they’re singing along by the third.”

– Dane Louis

It has been exciting to learn more about the story of Dane Louis through his music, and the country scene is waiting for even more opportunities to do so in his later energy-filled releases.

Keep up with Dane Louis at, and on social media @danelouisofficial on Instagram & TikTok and @danelouismusic on Facebook & Twitter.

Go listen to “Whiskey Wears Off” now! Check out the music video here: