Greek/Middle Eastern American record producer from California. After building a small cult following releasing freestyles on soundcloud gaining over a quarter million views, SLOPAXO began not only recording his own vocals, but producing his own beats and remixes and uploading them to his Youtube channel, where he has quickly established himself as a household name in the underground. Coming up in the hip hop world, operating in studio sessions with artists like Trippie Redd & 6ix9ine, SLOPAXO has shown the world he isn’t afraid to blend genres and create different.

His new song Kimiya has surpassed 200,000 streams on Youtube & Spotify and is the start of something very exciting for the young songwriter/producer. This song is an example of SLOPAXO showcasing his skills as not only an artist, but a music producer and creator. A lot of fans have anxiously been waiting for a full album or an EP, so it seems like this new single is def building up hype for a new project.