Discover Maddera Music: UK’s Innovative Independent Producer

left (bobbeats) right (madderamusic)

Meet Maddera Music, an independent UK music producer specializing in mixing, mastering, recording, and beatmaking. Renowned for crafting atmospheric hip-hop beats, Maddera is versatile and always ready to experiment. The journey began in high school with a passion for piano and Logic Pro, evolving into a serious pursuit with trademarking, social media, and studio recordings.

Maddera’s latest release, “Generic Vol 2”, features 18 original hip-hop beats. Initially focused on original compositions, Maddera now embraces sampling for its creative possibilities. Collaborating with co-producer Bobbeats, they create captivating soundscapes together.

Influenced by legends like DJ Premier, J Dilla, and Dr. Dre, Maddera Music continues to expand its catalog, aiming for major placements and new artist collaborations. Follow Maddera Music’s journey and explore the innovative beats shaping the future of music production.