Scott the Pisces Euphoric (feat. Ashley Alisha)

Scott the Pisces, the accomplished British Producer-Songwriter, is back with a scintillating new release titled “Euphoric,” featuring the dynamic talents of Los Angeles-based artist Ashley Alisha. Renowned for his mastery of the summer-pop sound, Scott once again reigns supreme with this vibrant track. Serving as the third official single from Scott the Pisces, “Euphoric” follows the remarkable success of his debut EP ‘Ocean Blue’ and the infectious hit “Summer ’22,” which enjoyed a prominent spot on LOVE ISLAND USA.

The creative synergy between Scott and Ashley Alisha shines through in “Euphoric,” a co-written collaboration that artfully captures the essence of summer love. Infused with feelings of joy, wanderlust, and liberation, the song radiates the euphoria associated with new beginnings. Notably, Scott has taken the reins of the promotional campaign for “Euphoric,” crafting the lyric video, artwork, and social media content. The Chibi Anime-inspired artwork, reflecting Scott’s appreciation for Anime Music Videos, brings a distinct visual flair to the project.

Marking their second musical collaboration, Ashley Alisha was previously featured on the title track of Scott the Pisces’ debut EP “Ocean Blue” in 2021. Describing the creative process behind “Euphoric,” Scott affirms, “When I first produced the instrumental for Euphoric, I purposely wanted to capture the essence of summer. Ashley was able to take that feeling and build upon it with the concept of young love, which was the perfect blend for this song. I love Ashley’s writing style, and her voice is incredible.”

The result of two independent artists’ collaboration, “Euphoric” is this year’s ultimate summer anthem. Crafted remotely from their own bedrooms, the song seamlessly blends nostalgia with the intoxicating bliss of falling in love. It’s a track that invites listeners to wear their hearts on their sleeves throughout the summer. Offering a refreshing sound, “Euphoric” effortlessly bridges the gap between mainstream and independent pop and R&B music. With its captivating mix of electric synths, captivating R&B vocals, and an engaging rhythm section, the song serves as the perfect backdrop for vlogs and other engaging content.