Richard Jellinek “Song of Winners”

Richard Jellinek Song of Winners

Richard Jellinek Recalls His Past with Latest Release

One of the most inspirational and uplifting music composers of our time, Richard Jellinek is back at it again. Ever since he got back to the world music, this Polish guitarist, musician and songwriter has been making songs that are meant to inspire and motivate listeners to do better in life. All his songs tell a story. Some of them tell stories of famous celebrities who managed to build an empire out of ashes and some songs tell stories of regular people like you and me. Jellinek’s style of creating music is any rock lover’s dream but they also hold much more than that. Most of his song hold that traditional 80s rock style but he miraculously adds his own twist to every song that make the song sound modern and one of a kind.

Jellinek is back with another hit “Song of Winners” but unlike all other times, this time his music tells his own story. How he got to where he is now and what happened to the people who did not manage to find the right path. The multi-talented Polish songwriter has been through a lot in his early days. He lost the track and completely let himself go until one day, music found him. He treated music as his escape from the darkness. However; there were many like him who could not find their way out and were consumed by it. What happened to them, you may ask? They lost their precious lives or their actions caught up to them. After witnessing such a tragic past, Richard hopes to create music that can help find others like him the right path. He knows that there are people out there who need hear that it is absolutely in them to get out of that dark tunnel; all they have to do is take charge of their lives. Songs provided him a direction and now with his very own tracks he wants to help others.

He goes on to say that success does not come to you itself; you have to strive for it. There are people who just sit there with their arms crossed and hope for success to magically appear. It does not work like that. Hard work and getting out of your comfort zone is the key to being a better version of yourself. If you are not ready to pay the price for being successful, it is not your time to shine.

Apart from the inspirational aspect, the song is an absolute wonder! The melody of “Song of Winners” is empowering in itself. It makes one want to get out of bed and make something out their life.

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