Dilyer Is Back With His New song “ CLOSURE”!

Dilyer stevens tries to achieve closure with friends regarding these rumors and accusations to no avail.
According to a source; Dilyer wants to go back to the old days when they were just friends and allegations were not being tossed around.Trying to hold on to all of the memories oh yeah, It’s so sad how friends come and go down in quicksand, I just wanna go back.

The “ SOVEREIGN D” took his time to share on instagram a snippet of the song in which he says “ imagine waking up going to school, and realizing that all your friends are against you”
Clearly “ closure is a life story!

In the words of the king himself “ I was in a really dark space during this November and December with recent events, I’ve never needed healing more than I’ve needed it now. I heal through music and I’m happy to share “closure” to help you heal too and bring joy during your tumultuous times.”

“It’s important to me as a black creator to continue to create art during this time and lift up the voices of my people! “We are ready for Closure! Are you?