Peruvian artist and songwriter Gonzalo Calmet is celebrating his first Grammy nomination for his contribution as a songwriter to the album “Amor Como en las Películas de Ayer” by artist Lupita Infante. The album is nominated in the “Best Mexican Music Album” category, competing against artists such as Peso Pluma, Lila Downs, Ana Bárbara, and Flor de Toloache.

“It is an immense joy to be part of this great work, and it was very exciting to hear this news just after finishing a talk at TEDxLima about the power of dreaming, where I spoke about my dreams in music. As soon as I finished the talk, I was told that we had received a nomination for the Grammy Awards, which has been a dream come true. The timing of the news couldn’t have been better,” comments Calmet.

The song wrote by Gonzalo Calmet on Lupita Infante’s Grammy-nominated album is titled “Cómo Olvidarte” and was wrote in 2019 with the collaboration of the artist herself, Manuel Zabala, and Juan Carlos Luces.

Listen here: 

“As Lupita was in Los Angeles, Juan Carlos in Miami, Manuel in Houston, and I in Lima, we wrote the song over Zoom in a session of approximately 2 hours, as many songs are done today. Then Lupita worked on the arrangements and production with her team, and the result is truly moving. I believe it is the most intense song on the album.”

Gonzalo Calmet joins the list of Peruvians nominated for the Grammy Awards in this edition, alongside Susana Baca, Tony Succar, and Mimy Succar. Similarly, the Latin Grammy also features Peruvian nominees such as Daniela Darcourt, Septeto Acarey, and Susana Baca.

“It is always beautiful to see Peru’s name in international competitions like these, and it is an honor to have contributed. I also congratulate all my fellow countrymen who have been nominated; these nominations are nothing more than the fruit of their hard work and effort. I wish them the best in the competition!”

Months before the nomination, Gonzalo was signed as a songwriter by “Universal Music Publishing” in Mexico, where his work for the renowned Mexican group Grupo Cañaveral stood out with his composition “Si QuieresTenerme,” featuring Peruvian artist Wendy Sulca.

In addition to celebrating the Grammy nomination, Gonzalo is promoting his second album, “Volvieron Los Boleros,” where he collaborates with Lupita Infante on the song Vale La Pena:

“Volvieron los Boleros” is an album entirely written by Gonzalo Calmet, where he interprets his original boleros alongside great artists such as Grammy-nominated Susana Baca and Lupita Infante, as well as Bartola, Ibrahim Ferrer Jr, Silvina Moreno, La Lá, among others. The album has just been released on vinyl and will be presented live at the FIV5 “Festival Internacional del Vinilo” on December 17th at the Parque de la Exposición, Lima, Peru.