Goddess Dorthea’s Spiritual Odyssey: “The Goddess Awakens” EP

Renowned singer-songwriter Goddess Dorthea is set to mesmerize the world with her latest EP, “The Goddess Awakens,” a soul-stirring alternative indie R&B spiritual project slated for release on November 11, 2023. In this transformative musical journey, Dorthea’s ethereal melodies and poetic lyrics promise to connect listeners to a profound spiritual realm.

Dorthea views music as a sacred vessel, guiding her through a deep spiritual journey. Each track serves as a mirror, reflecting the artist’s own self-discovery while inviting listeners to reflect on their own emotions and aspirations. The EP’s five enchanting tracks, including “Grand Risings Goddess” and “GODis Power,” encapsulate the essence of Dorthea’s spiritual exploration.

Highlighting the EP is the remastered version of “All in Divine Time,” a powerful composition emphasizing patience and surrender to life’s divine timing. Dorthea describes it as a captivating piece that enhances the overall listening experience.

Goddess Dorthea, a soul healing singer-songwriter, shares messages of love, peace, and unity through her unique style. “The Goddess Awakens” EP, available on major streaming platforms from November 11, 2023, invites you to join this awakening. Follow her on social media for exclusive content and updates.