“Now And Forever Music Group Launches JV with Santa Anna, Alamo Records”

Leading West Coast music label and distributor “Now And Forever Music Group” officially launched their joint venture with Santa Anna, Alamo Records. 

Santa Anna, founded in January of this year by Todd Moscowitz, founder of Alamo Records, is led by former Geffen Records General Manager Lee L’Heureux, now serving as current President of Alamo Records. Alamo was acquired by Sony in a “nine-figure” deal in 2021. According to the announcement, the new company  “supports entrepreneurs and assists artists in maximizing their creative potential and building their businesses.” 

Now and Forever Music Group is no novice to maximizing the creative potential of its artists. Their roster which consists of West Coast acts Heembeezy, Rowdy Racks, GmoneyDt, FivestarDjay, 8k, Daj Dolla, and T.ofordawin are notorious for their virulent tracks across social media and have taken apps like Tik-Tok by storm. The label is most recognized for its success behind records such as Heembeezy’s “Face No Book”, “Floccer”, and “Just Like Me”. 

CEOs Adrian “Ocho” Perez and Jovonny “I Am Joey” Holloway pride themselves on providing creative strategy, security, and an unmatched work ethic for their team. “Our goal is to empower as many artists and young moguls as possible while we have this opportunity and gain financial security while doing so.” 

The label’s name is self-explanatory “NOW AND FOREVER,  We believe the music we are making is here to last Now and Forever.” said Holloway. “ Above all our Hustle, our grind, our work ethic, no one will outwork us out here,” he added.

Currently, the label and distributor are working with Rap and R&B producers all over the world including their in-house producers Emadethis, 8K Gelo, and KV who contributed to the success of singles like “Face No Book” and “Floccer”, two tracks that Perez admits positioned the team perfectly for this joint venture.

“I think the way our system is built is only possible with our machine. As the game changes, we get hip to all the new ways to go viral and spread music around the world. A lot of people are stuck in the old ways when we are in a new time of music. You gotta get with it or you’ll get left behind.” says Perez

The label considered multiple offers from all other major and independent labels. After much consideration Alamo stood out above all other offers for it was the only label that ‘understood the vision’. 

“2024 should be a great year for us. We have a system right now that’s gonna take a lot of artists to the next level. We have many singles and projects coming out from the whole roster. I can’t wait to show the world.” CEO Adrian Perez

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