Michigan’s Biggest Secret In Music: Loc Smoov

Michigan rap has taken the music industry by storm since the takeoff of Detroit rapper, Tee Grizzley. Since then, we’ve witnessed the forthcoming of the new generation of Michigan rap from Rio Da General, Babyface Ray, Babytron, Vae Vanilla, Allstar JR, and many more. Now, midwest fans have been waiting for the next wave of the Great Lake State music. If you ask around Detroit or Kalamazoo, many fans will tell you Loc Smoov, The Prince of Kalamazoo, is a #1 candidate. 

Loc Smoov is more than a Michigan rapper. His vocal delivery, flow and dope production with a consistent catalog of classic tapes sets him far apart from other artists. Smoov’s ability to give you an uptempo song to vibe to, then switch it up on a slowed down song telling a story from his perspective. This is something Michigan, let alone hip hop, has been missing for several years. 

Will Loc Smoov continue to release classic tapes like the “Coupe Music” series and “The Realest”? Stay tuned and follow him below! 

IG: @biglocsmoov