Popular Artist Kan3 Releases Highly Anticipated Single “Calli Hills”

The state of Virginia’s music scene has been home to many legends such as Pharrell, Chris
Brown, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, and many more. Although the Old Dominion state hasn’t been
known to produce many pop, or rock artists – but there is one buzzing alternative artist from
Roanoke named Kan3 that just released one of our new favorite hot songs, “Calli Hills”.

Creating catchy melodic hooks has been an extremely easy talent for Kan3 and this new hit
resembles that in fact. With the uptempo kick on a melodic beat, Calli Hills is a song every
young entrepreneur, or aspiring artist/entertainer can relate to. After the hook comes the verse
which is catchy along with the chorus as well, while Kan3 constantly switches the flow to keep
the momentum of his lyrics the same as a rollercoaster ride. Songs like these are what makes
listeners turn into fans, so knowing that Kan3 has yet to hit his prime says a lot about what we
should expect to see in the near future.

Will Kan3 blow up in 2024? Will he become the next superstar from Virginia? We’ll keep you
updated as we keep our eyes on the new popular Roanoke artist