Levi Zadoff “Dead Summer,” with Dead Hendrix.

Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix are amazingly talented artists who combined the high energy of punch with the impact and melody of contemporary hip-hop and trap aesthetics. Their most recent EP, Dead Summer, is energetic but, at the same time, emotionally driven. It showcases the lush depths of Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix as songwriters and musical storytellers, as they managed to take the music scene by storm. Throughout five songs, these artists managed to give it all and impress thousands of listeners with their one-of-a-kind collaborative flow. “Dead Summer” is genuinely remarkable studio work, and each track has something special to offer, revealing the incredible versatility of Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix.

Find out more about Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix, and do not miss out on “Dead Summer,” which is currently available on the web.

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