Artist Manager Damon Moreno and his Business Partner Chris Potter Have Built & Launched A Free Gig Booking Community for Indie Artists and its Changing The Game

Damon Moreno (R) and Christopher Potter (L) at Get-Gigs HQ in California

There is great buzz about the fast-growing gig booking platform This California-based team has simplified the gig booking process for indie artists and hosts to help secure and arrange live gigs with far less friction. The platform dramatically reduces the hassle associated with typical booking by uniting like-minded users in an easy-to-use booking-specific social space, with a filterable feed of currently available gigs.

Their approach has entirely democratized the modern booking process. Think meets Airbnb for booking gigs. The profile-based platform proves very user-friendly, with a welcoming community specifically gathered to arrange & exchange gigs. You can find artists, hosts, and venues of all styles from all over the world posting available gig opportunities, offering help, and swapping gigs in their areas.

Among the many benefits for artists is their ability to secure quality shows in different cities and bypass non-responsive venues thanks to the Gig Swaps feature, where you exchange an opening slot with a performer from a different location. You let them come open your show, and they return the favor and add you to one of their gigs. “I will book you here if you book me there.” Musicians can also filter the available gigs posted by promoters, hosts, booking agents, and venues.

With this DIY-style share culture approach, musicians enjoy a mutually advantageous booking experience while reducing the exhaustive doorknocking of out-of-town establishments and unhelpful booking agents. This angle is significant for musicians trying to break into new markets. It has trouble getting booked by a venue because they have not yet performed there and created a fanbase, whereas opening an already established artists’ show allows them to get their foot in the door and prove themselves on site. officially went live on January 1st, 2022, and “We’ve been experiencing strong and consistent growth,” says Damon Moreno. He is also the founder and CEO of the Los Angeles-based Inner Light Agency artist management firm. He adds, “We have been managing artists and booking gigs full time for the last 15 years. And breaking bands into new markets has always been one of the big challenges. I was determined to create a reasonable solution that simplified the process and unified the musicians, and the get-gigs platform has been doing just that. My Co-founder, Chris Potter, and I are very grateful and excited with the overwhelming interest and the value we’re providing”.

Damon and his team are pushing the envelope with this first-of-its-kind booking community compared to other booking sites where you sign up, wait, and hope for an offer to come in, whereas Get-Gig’s absolute focus is on a filterable list of currently available gigs and opportunities.

Get-Gigs proudly democratizes access, shifts industry competition into community, and offers a free and streamlined way for performers and hosts to thrive and accomplish their gig booking goals with style.

You can find more information at Or reach the team at [email protected]

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