Atlanta’s new Powerhouse; UNFOWND MUSIK

UNFOWND MUSIK a new record label and artist marketing company located in Atlanta, Georgia
run by identical twin brothers Jason and Justin La Ferla. I wanted to sit down and ask them what
there vision and goals were as a company. One question I asked was, what makes your label
different from other mid-major labels out there? Jason said “we look at things differently than
most other labels”. As he explained most labels will not even look at an artist if they don’t have
the “stats”. They then explained their approach is much different, in the fact that they focus
mainly on the artist’s talent because “stats” including social media following and streaming
numbers can be easily manipulated. Jason stated “the most important two things we look for is
raw talent and work ethic. If we can find an artist with talent that is determined to be successful
we have the knowledge and resources to build the “stats” to make them buzz worthy and
At an early age they have always had a “gift” for finding under the radar artists and now they are
using it to create their own record label. I then asked, why do you think most artists never reach
their full potential? Justin replied saying “I think there is more money wasted in the music
business than any other industry because the majority of artists think they can just go make
quality music and put out a video and the labels will find them”. He then said “that is the easy
part, the hard part is figuring out what to do next, and most artists run out of money before
realizing that marketing is the main ingredient for success. As an artist you are a product and
brand and I think most don’t realize that, and end up spinning their wheels and being in the
same position they were in years before. Just think if you ran a business and spent all your
money on creating a great product and ran out of funds to market it the right way. You’re set up
for failure because nobody will know about it, and that same analogy goes for an artist. If it’s a
hustle and not run like a business you will never reach your full potential”. UNFOWND MUSIK
clearly understands what it takes to be successful as an artist and label, and having built other
successful businesses in their past, I am excited to see what they do with their new business
Jason La Ferla
Phone: 404-354-0576
Email: [email protected]