SFE Tav “Why Would I Leave You Alone?”

SFE Tav’s has been gaining momentum since releasing his debut single “Bad Luck.” Check his last single out before continuing because if you’re like us we know you guys and girls can appreciate an artist growth.

You can hear an immense amount of growth from then, to now, with his latest single “Why Would I Leave You Alone?” In just one week “Why Would I Leave You Alone” already has over 200k plays. Being a new artist on the scene that’s no easy accomplishment. On top of already having a buzz; SFE Tav is set to have the “Why Would I Leave You Alone” Music Video, which also happens to be Tav’s first one will be premiered on Worldstar sometime around mid-February to Early March. So This is defiantly one of those artist you want to be up on.

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