Yellow Majesty ‘Honey Sweet’

Based in Sweden, Yellow Majesty is an audio-visual music project composed of one man: Amir Haj-Bolouri. Amir, being a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, and lyricist, describes the aura of Yellow Majesty as a ‘disembodied playground’ that bleeds his bleach ego and astute fantasy into another.

Amir Haj-Bolouri

Drawn from influences within the rock genre, Yellow Majesty’s sonic landscape builds on a textured outfit of haunting melodies, obscure and suggestive lyrics, versatile guitar playing, heavy bass, dark synthesizers, and punchy drumming. The visual landscape of Yellow Majesty incorporates unsettling and symbolic imagery to reinforce the intense sounds and emotive themes of the music.

The new album ‘Bastards’ will premiere March 19th  and it will take the listener into a surreal, intense, immersive, and wicked journey. The songs are dynamic, well-arranged, complex, catchy, and they all hit a nerve worth remembering, whether you want it or not. The core message of the album is very contemporary and it raises a number of thought provoking ideas, feelings, and friction, through symbolic imagery and metaphors dealing with a wide variety of themes. The main thing that strikes the listener however, is the sense of urgency to tell ‘the truth’ without any filters or unnecessary layers. At the same time, the visuals of Yellow Majesty are very suggestive, opening up for interpretation and augmenting the listeners/viewers imagination. One very good example of this is the single and animated video ‘Honey Sweet’!

‘Honey Sweet’ is 3.27 min long and it takes you on one of the most intense, surreal, colorful, funny, provoking, entertaining, cute, crazy, and uniquely weird journeys. Its grotesque, appealing, and raw imagery is presented in a fresh, stylish, and modern format, making it such a unique video and song worth remembering. On top of that, there is a character in the video resembling the world wide known wrestler The Undertaker, doing what he does best, putting the evil into the grave. His karmic role in the video goes well with the story of the song, emphasizing human behaviour when it is as its most sinful stage, doing all the things that one wants to do in the name of sex, glutony, greed, wrath, hypocrisy, addiction, and more. The video is thus a direct projection of showing the double standards of human nature, manifested through a very entertaining, different, and thought provoking way, offering the viewer many different layers of interpretation and at the same time providing a high sense of ridicule and irony in the message: life is honey sweet!

The video was animated by the artist Inari Sirola, and this is what she had to say about the collaboration with Amir, the man behind Yellow Majesty:

The track’s melodic rhythm evoked my creativity. Coming into this project I really wanted to give this beat a visual representation. Amir approached me, knowing my style and being familiar with my previous work. This allowed me to tap into the weird and comedic corners of my dark imagination. The brief I received had wonderful ideas and after an in-depth conversation with Amir we established what he wanted for the music video and what I could offer to the project.

The juxtaposition of grotesque imagery and the naivety of the world building is something I will always treasure. Although I knew the music video wouldn’t have a traditional A to B narrative I really enjoyed having some of these elements within the into. One of my favorite things in my work is writing dialogue, within the shortest interactions it allows you to establish characters as well as set the tone. /Inari Sirola

We are happy to feature this video and we all do agree that it is indeed honey sweet, making us craving for more and more”