Tranzformer & Big O Drop “High Creative State” EP

Yo, turn up your speakers and get ready to vibe, ’cause Tranzformer from the streets of San Diego and Big O, reppin’ Birmingham but holding it down in London, just dropped the freshest joint – the “High Creative State” EP. These producers ain’t playin’ around; they’re bringing the heat with a collaboration that’s as diverse as the cities they call home.

So, picture this – Tranzformer, soaking in that West Coast sunshine, links up with Big O, navigating the London music scene. You know it’s gonna be a vibe when those two worlds collide. Their second beat tape on Soulspasm records ain’t just beats; it’s a journey into the minds of two mad creative geniuses.

“High Creative State” ain’t just a bunch of tracks thrown together. Nah, it’s a whole concept, fam. It’s about channeling your creative energy – mind, memories, ideas – and turning it into something real. Tranzformer & Big O wanted to manifest their thoughts into beats, and that’s exactly what they did with this EP.

From the jump, you can feel the West Coast influence in Tranzformer’s beats – that laid-back vibe, soulful samples, and beats that hit just right. Big O, on the other hand, brings that London flavor – a mix of cultures and sounds that’s straight-up eclectic. Together, they’re creating a sonic journey that’s both familiar and next-level.

Each track on “High Creative State” tells a story. It’s like they’re painting pictures with beats, giving you a glimpse into their worlds. The EP ain’t just about the music; it’s about the energy and vibes that Tranzformer & Big O bring to the table. It’s a celebration of artistic collaboration and a reminder that music breaks all boundaries.

As you dive into the “High Creative State” EP, let the beats take you on a ride. It’s more than just music; it’s an experience. Tranzformer & Big O are on a mission to leave their mark on the beat-making game, and with this EP, they’re doing just that. So, crank up the volume, catch those vibes, and get ready for a musical journey that’s gonna stay with you. Tranzformer & Big O are here to make some noise, and they’re doing it in style.