The Criminal Life of Tekashi 69

Born Daniel Hernandez in 1996, the popular rapper, songwriter with hardcore hiphop, punk rap, scream rap and soundcloud rap, is popularly known as Tekashi69 and later 6ix9ine grew up in the suburb of Bushwick in Brooklyn. The rapper who was famous for his style of dressing and appearance most especially, the “tattoo filled body” has been in the news for so many negative acts, even before his rise to fame.    In 2009, after the demise of his father, he dropped out of school with the belief that he had to take care of his family (most especially his mother and brother). With this he took up selling marijuana to “help support momma and brother” in his own statement.

With this activity on his hand, shortly after he developed an online presence and became famous for his penchant for oversized fashion dresses and extensive tattoo all of his body. As a person with a music marked as aggressive style of rapping couple with some controversial public personality, tekashi69 is distinct with his rainbow-colored hair, tattoo, public feud with fellow entertainers and the state.

Legal issues involved in so far:

  • In October 2015 Tekash69 was involve in a child sex charge that involved a 13 years old girl in a video that went online. Tekashi69 pled guilty to the three counts offense including sexual misconduct and child sex.
  • In January 2018, he got involved in an altercation with a boy at galleria mall in Houston Texas, according to the police report, the boy had wanted to take video of 6ix9ine, resulting in him grabbing the boy on the neck and caused him some body scratch and pain. He was arrested in July of the same year on an outstanding warrant for the incident and he is charged with misdemeanor assault.
  • In May 20 2018, he has a burst up in a park for illegal parking in Brooklyn while also driving with a suspended license. He was arrested for two misdemeanors of operating vehicle without license and facilitating aggravated unlicensed operation of motor vehicle.
  • The next day which was 21st of May 2018, he went into another altercation with a police officer at the 77th precinct in Brooklyn. He was charged for four misdemeanors bound on; third degree assault, third degree attempted assault, third degree menacing and second degree obstructing governmental administration.
  • On the 6th of june of the same year, he was investigated for a shooting in New York involving rapper Chief Keef.
  • On October 29 2018, two of Tekashi69 entourage was arrested for gang assault in connection with the after party shooting following his sentence. This particular incident led to Faheem Walter been shot.
  • On November 7, one of Tekashi69’s managers, Shotti (kifano Jordan) surrender to police in connection to the above shooting. He was charged with gang assult and criminal possession of weapon.
  •   On 14th of Nov Tekashi enter a plea deal in the case involving a police officer in Brooklyn in May in which he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and received a conditional discharge sentence.
  • November 19 2018, tekashi69 was arrested on federal charges of racketeering and firearms related to organized gang activity as part of the local set Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, including armed robbery, conspiracy to commit murder and drug trafficking. He was taking to custody along with others. He was charged with six counts of an eight counts indictment. Two of which carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment and he was held without an option of bail.
  • On November 22, he was transferred to a federal facility that he is said to hold witnesses and cooperating with law enforcement.
  • On December 18th Tekashi was sentenced to 2 years in prison with time counted for the 13 months he has currently been in jail since his indictment. He will also have to pay a $35,000 fine which is nothing for the famed rapper. In addition Tekashi will have to complete 300 hours of community service. Tekashi Should be out of prison in the next 7-11 months considering he has good behavior while incarcerated.