Straight outta Orlando, Florida, SwizZy B, the trailblazing force behind LoUd Life Crew, just unleashed his latest jam, “NEVER CHANGE,” flexing under the mighty wings of the game-changer, EMPIRE. This track not only puts SwizZy B on the map but also kicks off a lit collaboration between EMPIRE and SwizZy’s brainchild, Forever Loud Records.

At the core of “NEVER CHANGE” beats a melodic hook that flips the script on SwizZy B’s sound, proving he’s down to explore new vibes and push boundaries. The sonic evolution is real, giving listeners a vibe that’s a whole different level from his past tracks.

SwizZy B takes the mic, spitting lyrical fire in the verses, effortlessly riding the beats with a melodic flow and bars that grab your attention. Staying true to himself, he lays down his journey, dropping wisdom on the struggles, life on the grind, and soaking in the wins. This track is a lyrical masterpiece, showing off SwizZy B’s realness and storytelling that hits home with fans.

“NEVER CHANGE” ain’t just a tune; it’s SwizZy B’s lifestyle manifesto and a proclamation of his rise in the underground scene. The confidence drips from every beat, echoing the wins and lifestyle switches that came with his climb to the top.

In “NEVER CHANGE,” SwizZy B flips the script, showing he’s not afraid to explore new sounds and hinting at a banging partnership between Forever Loud Records and EMPIRE. As he climbs the music industry ladder, this release is proof of SwizZy B’s commitment to leveling up and a taste of the hype chapters waiting in his future.