SheisL1 ‘Love Surrender’

We love a song that can fill us with both passion and excitement for the music world of tomorrow. But it is exactly such artists as young SheIsL1 that manage to capture that hope and convey the feeling that something great is coming your way.

Though young, SheIsL1 has already established herself as a reputable singer and songwriter, putting out one single after another, releasing quite a few albums in three short years, the latest, of course, being her ‘Love Surrender’, only just released at the end of March.

The album itself, like most of her work, is choc-full of excellent tracks that display her versatility as an artist, her talent, both in composing meaningful lyrics and creating a unique, compelling sound. But perhaps our favorite is the eponymous track, ‘Love Surrender’, that sounds more like a secret journey than a song.

If there’s one thing we can tell you about SheIsL1 is that she has this mesmerizing, sexy voice, that makes each song sound like she’d whispering it right in your ear. This young artist has a gift for establishing a certain intimacy with her listeners, that few modern artists have.

‘Love Surrender’ bring an exciting new sound that tickles your ears and keeps you hitting that repeat button. This is because it’s just such a versatile song, you know? It’s the sort of track that would work well in the club, for a slow number. It’s the sort of track that would make for a wonderful soundtrack when you’re walking by yourself in the rain, hood up, thinking. And then, it’s also the sort of track that can become background music at a party or at a quiet night in with your friends.

It does what every good song should, in our humble opinion. That is, it molds itself to the occasion and sticks to you, making you listen again and again, regardless of the social situation or the mood you’re in.

Yep, it’s just that good. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself.