SFE Tav “Meltdown”

SFE Tav’s project “Meltdown” has reached over 12million streams across platforms and for good reason! The Dayton artist displays a range of emotions and talent throughout the 9 track tape. On Tik Tok, SFE Tav has gathered a new set of fans stemming out to his less aggressive side. There’s no cap on the potential of SFE Tav as he makes his return to the music industry, which has been long awaited by many fans. It’s been nearly 4 months since anyone has gotten anything new from the artist, except a temporary name change that caused some drama, with concerns being he was no longer making music. Lately, the buzz is seeming as if that’s about to change! From his relationship life, to his trauma, the uniqueness is what has drawn fans to SFE Tav, even gaining him comparisons to XXXTENTACION, Juice Wrld and similar artists.