Setlo ‘Settle In’

Setlo is a techno music producer and DJ from France. His viking style is associated to his name, as “Setlo” means life in Gaulish. The artist chose this name because he stayed nearly 2 weeks between life and death back in 2007.

“Settle In” (getting used to something new) is a pure industrial Techno sound, the melodic arrangements are energetic an the acid touch reminds us of bangers from superstars like Amélie Lens or Charlotte De Witte.
Setlo made the track hoping to push people to take action in the social and climate changes that need to take place soon. The track has a sens of urgency in it’s build up and tonality and it sounds like the “last alert” to make a crucial change in our way of life.

Setlo and his powerful techno from the new era brings us bangers in similar styles as Space 92, Charlotte De Witte, Amelie Lens and Umek.
The viking is one that you should keep an eye on!