Scott the Pisces releases his brand new single “Delusional” with vocalist Mimi Sky.

Scott the Pisces releases his brand new single “Delusional” with vocalist Mimi Sky, a complete and utter summer anthem.

British pop producer, songwriter and artist Scott the Pisces has been making waves since his debut in 2021, captivating listeners with a sound he’s dubbed “Nostalgic Pop”, a genre of Pop which invokes a warm feeling of a time that once was. His latest single Delusional is no exception; a song exploring the struggle of falling in love with someone who isn’t receptive, told from the opposite party. Mimi Sky’s vocals evoke a playful bratty nature as she recites her side of the story, being a girl who’s dealing with a boy that is completely obsessed with her. 

Produced and written by Scott the Pisces, Delusional is set to be the song of the summer, already being requested for Love Island USA this year. Scott has spoken on his journey to making this song over on his socials.

The last few months have been quite a tough time for me mentally. I’ve experienced loss from multiple angles, including that of a close friend. During this time it’s been difficult for me to make the typical music I’m known for, so when the idea for “Delusional” came about, it acted as an escape from reality”

Scott says the idea for “Delusional” comes from his own experience with wearing his heart on his sleeve, and being rejected for it. Wanting to explore the other side, he wrote “Delusional” as a way of playing with the scenario, exaggerating the concept to paint a vivid picture. 

The song came about very naturally, I sat at my desk with my microphone and riffed ideas over the instrumental. I didn’t actually put pen to paper until the lyrics were already recorded. I would sing melodies, that became words, that became the lyrics to the Delusional”

As Scott the Pisces unveils his latest creation to the world, he shows that you can turn negative experiences into silver linings; a chance to cultivate something positive in the world.

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