SCO Feat. Lyrical 23 “Save Me”

We love it when we get an emotionally charged track. A track that the moment the instrumental comes on and the emcee starts spitting you just hear the pain in their voice. The type of tone that just makes you feel the words and draws you in deeper into the song.

Thats what Yonkers emcee SCO (Still Carry On) has provided with his latest release Save Me. SCO is no dime a dozen new york emcee that has to substitute every other word with profanity, he structures the track extremely well with out it. On top of being a man of god SCO is sharing his heart and point of views in the track ‘Save Me’. So put on your headphones, sit back and introduce yourself to SCO.

Also be on the look out for SCO’s 8th studio album titled ‘Love Is Stronger Than Blood’ Which will be released summer of 2020.