Review Trae Myers’s Single “What About You”

What About You” is a country song propelled by catchy guitar tunes and percussion rhythms. Despite this, it captures the essence of Trae Myers and the music he creates. The lyrics of the songs have a very personal feel, highlighting the artist’s commitment to, and inherent affinity for, the music. 

This music makes you want to get down on one knee and propose to the person you love the most. The single has a very varied and approachable tone. It’s also relatively simple to connect to. Nevertheless, it conveys the genuine spirit that Trae Myers and his music exude. 

In addition, the production’s many layers contribute to the mix’s increased three-dimensionality and a feeling of motion while preserving its infectiously catchy atmosphere. Combining upbeat voices, acoustic guitars, and bouncing rhythms result in a delightful musical experience.


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