Remmoi Dollaz “G.H.A.N.D.I”

The year just gets better and better for music here at with every new submission. Today we have something for the hip hop lovers.

REMMOI DOLLAZ is an artist who embodies the true essence of Brooklyn and Hip-Hop.Beign from the Williamsburg section makes Remmoi Dollaz a well respected & sanctioned comrade throughout all areas of the Big Boro. Classic releases like Ya Unsigned Highness Vol. 1 & 2; REMMOI has seen and done what it would take most artist a couple lifetimes to accomplish. Rem’s measured, rapid-fire delivery has received praise and accolades from scores of industry heavyweights. The names are too many to cite, however the list encompasses the best in the business. That’s why the release of his Debut single has his fans eagerly waiting on the edge of their seats.

Listen, Download, Like and Learn the debut single G.H.A.N.D.I from Remmoi preparing you for upcoming album. Also keep up with Remmoi on instagram at