Reezy Baby “No Intro”

Hailing straight outta Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Reezy Baby is about to drop some Southern heat with his latest EP, “No Intro.” This five-track masterpiece brings the gritty streets of the South to life, blending down south vibes with hardcore lyrics that hit harder than a Louisiana summer.

In this urban musical journey, “Chasin” emerges as the standout track, a pulsating anthem that captures the relentless pursuit of success. Reezy Baby’s raw lyricism paints vivid pictures of life in the streets, backed by beats that thump like a heartbeat echoing through the bayou.

“No Intro” isn’t just an EP; it’s a voyage through the soul of Baton Rouge. Reezy Baby isn’t here to make small talk; he’s here to make a statement, and “Chasin” is the bold exclamation point in a city known for its unapologetic swagger and street poetry. Get ready to vibe to the sounds of the South with Reezy Baby leading the charge.