Producer Jahvy Changing Jamaican Music Forever

Jahvel Morrison, better known as Jahvy, has changed Jamaican music forever. One of the revolutionized producers of dancehall music integral to Tru Ambassador Entertainment. Jahvy is not only one of the single most important producers in dancehall music history but also a weighty beatmaker in the careers of Alkaline, Mavado, Jahmiel,Kranium and now managing rising star 450 music.

Jahvy’s first official release was a dancehall single called, “Don’t Give Up”, by the artist Bugle, which was released in 2012 and initially paved the way to change Jamaican music production. Though Tru Ambassador Entertainment initially experienced mild success in the Jamaican music industry, He saw an out from the constraints of typical Dancehall/Reggae music where after meeting Dancehall Artiste by the name of Alkaline who emanated heartfelt songs, “My Love” in 2017 and “Mirage” in 2018 with Tru Ambassador Entertainment.

The rising star of the Jamaican music production, Jahvy Ambassador was born in Linstead St. Catherine. He began his music career at a very young age by seeing how music can influence an individual’s thoughts. He soon entered Jamaican music production by raising his own band and cleaving his position as a producer. Jahvy is a former student of Charlemont High School where his music enthusiasm leads him to pursue a college degree at the Edna Manley School of Visual and Performing Arts where he majored in Music Education and Performing Arts.

Jahvy’s success, particularly on the “Soul Survivor Riddim” and “Top Price” albums recently, highlights the need to re-examine how we define dancehall music within the global music industry as a result of its distinct rhythm. Jahvy having earned his uprise from the Album “Top Prize” where he states to the media that, “It’s always a great vibe working with alkaline he’s a very creative artiste and emphasizes hugely on details and perfection so it’s always good working with him.” He also included, “lookout for more music, and music videos, collaborative projects, merch, new website, more alkaline features, and many other artistes.” conferring many intimations to the worldwide fan base.
Drawing the attention of the international music audience, recently Jahvy scores a record deal with the famed Atlantic Records, furthering his mission as a Musical Ambassador in the Jamaican music industry. Since signing with Atlantic Records, his sights set on a global takeover with worldwide artists affirming him as a future legend in music.