OG Rondawg x Wak Him3x ‘Wish Right Now’

Born in San Diego, CA 1996 but raised in the Inland Empire. Growing up Ronnie loved sports. Playing football and soccer in elementary and middle school. Skateboarding, snowboarding, and biking were his passions as a teenager. Once he got into high school he spent a lot of his time on the wrestling team. Ronnie didn’t start making music till he was 23, 25 now. One of his closest friends, Darren, got him into making music in 2019. Making music was something his friends loved to do but Ronnie was just shy and never looked into it. One night he caved in to having some fun with music. Now, Ronnie is recording, mixing, and mastering his own work. He always loved listening to music but never thought he’d love making his own this much. No matter where this music journey takes him, he’ll always have fun with it and give credit to those who taught him what he knows. The process is something that artists really fall in love with. The results are unexplainable. Thank you every single one of you that inspires him, celebrities and friends. Without you guys and your support, Ronnie wouldn’t be where he’s at today. Stay tuned, stream his music, and do what you love.