Nemo P Makes Waves on Apple Music Top 100 Canada

Nemo P is a rising rapper hailing from the bustling city of Brooklyn, New York. He is rapidly gaining recognition in the music industry with his latest hit single “Low,” which recently landed on the Apple Music Top 100 in Canada. With a unique blend of old-school influences and modern vibes, Nemo P’s sound is captivating listeners and fans around the world.

“Low,” which is off his forthcoming project “Internal Affairs,” boasts lyrics that are deeply personal yet relatable to listeners struggling with mental health issues. Nemo P’s signature flow and captivating storytelling effortlessly draw listeners into his world, making his music both raw and vulnerable.

With “Low” gaining traction on the Apple Charts and on social media, Nemo P has amassed a dedicated following eagerly awaiting the release of “Internal Affairs.” With his unique vision and undeniable talent, this rising star is sure to take the world by storm.

Nemo P is a rapper to watch, and the success of his single “Low” off his upcoming project “Internal Affairs” is proof that he is on the verge of greatness. So, make sure to follow Nemo P’s journey and stay tuned for his highly anticipated project!