Natalievina21 ‘Love Me Yo!’

International DJ/ producer , indie pop singer and actress Natalievna21 comes back with a new hard dance track ” Love me Yo! ” This is already third hard dance track which we hear from Natalievna21 and each of it is full of energy but this one differs in it’s own way. This is what Natalievna21 ( DJ SARA ) says about it : ” I’ve tried to connect various genres in my new track such as hard dance, dub step and even hard trance vibes, everything you will find here in ” Love me Yo!” As a DJ I always play this kind of genres on the stage and that’s why as producer I love to create such. This will definitely make you dance. Enjoy 🙂 ” And we definitely will ! Follow Natalievna21 to find out more about it and never miss new vibes )