Muzicity – License Royalty Free Music

Musicians, producers and artists now have another avenue to generate income through an exciting new royalty free music networking platform called Muzicity.

Muzicity is a global community of music creators selling their music as royalty-free backing tracks to filmmakers, games developers and vocalists.

Since its recent launch Muzicity has been wowing its initial users immensely and has seen music creators from as far afield as the United States, Germany, Brazil as well as the UK generating income for themselves.

Muzicity has a vision to empower music creators to have greater control of their art and to provide a diverse music library for the creative industries.

After setting up their artist or band page, music creators can upload their music, set the sale price and immediately start selling instrumentals, songs or albums.

What make Muzicity unique is its music players, these are amazing promotional tools which enable songs to be shared on social media platforms and the music players can be embedded on websites.

The music player searching feature is really easy to use as there are multiple filtering options to help buyers find the right genres, moods and price.

The friendly feel of Muzicity comes out through their social page which is very interactive, so you can bet on direct feedback. 

Muzicity has found a nice balance between a social space for independent artists to share their music and a music library for the freelance creative sector.

Created by Johnny Walker, a London-based music producer who has been involved in many aspects of the music industry for over 30 years.

He said: “I think Muzicity is filling the void for the talent in the industry looking to earn more easily from their creativity. The service works by connecting the music creators with the buyers who are looking for backing tracks.

I’ve seen songs sell for $1 and others for $50 and the majority, if not all of the money is sent instantly to the music creators.”

Uploading music to Muzicity is free, to learn more visit