Mr. Craig Album: This Time It’s Personal REVIEW

Hello friends, let me introduce Mr. Craig. He is an artist born and raised in Queens, New York, that seeks to tell stories through his music. He has worked in various forms of entertainment. Mr. Craig has simplified his music with an eclectic mosaic of sounds across ’90s freestyle, Queen’s bass, house, and old-school rap sound. 

On “This Time it’s Personal”, he surpasses his standard quota of eclectic sounds while taking a few fun risks. It’s better conceptualized and executed than the previous project. It could be more ambitious as far as subject matter goes, but it’s a perfect fit.

Mr. Craig’s “This Time It’s Personal” means everything, Smooth and brilliant production done on this album. Single “Broken” delivers funky notes and smooth piano, a straight line with a perfect tune. Single “Jambalaya” brings some upbeat dedicated to midnight parties with friends, very enjoyable and lit, all about money, drugs and Jambalaya. Mr. Craig · Dame Plx, · RJ Payne mixed perfectly.

Single “I Am Back,” tells stories about how to break the rules for your good, straight to the point about what you want to achieve. There are Cypress Hill things on this single

Surely you can find some love songs on “Heaven” and “Had it all Together” and get in touch with funky love story things and smooth nostalgic sounds. Mr. Craig and the backing vocals department did it better.

Mr. Craig brings up some old memories in “Blessings” and “Appreciate You” Mr Craig brings the ultimate message of the song is a wish to get into such moments more often and to find joy in simple blessings. Make some relationships and keep in touch with friends and loved ones

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