Monotronic ”In Between”

New York’s Monotronic is not just a band, it’s a music collective that defies genre and is nearly impossible to categorize. The brainchild of adventure-seeking global traveler and musician/producer Ramsey Elkholy. The band is releasing a new single with a video to follow titled “In Between” on May 27. Presave it here:

They released their debut album in 2019 followed by a series of singles and videos that started in the summer of 2020 with “Kids of Summer” and “Buy Yourself A Dream.” Then 2021 brought “Just Another Day” and “Livin’ In A Lie” which further solidified Elkholy’s storytelling chops and diversity as an artist. Collectively Monotronic’s views and streams have passed the one million mark with “Buy Yourself a Dream” and “Kids of Summer” both debuting at #1 on VEVO’s Incoming Indie playlist as well as garnering significant radio airplay.