Marcel a Brazilian-Iranian pop singer, songwriter, and rapper Mohammad Roknipour, presenting today an advance and first single of his upcoming new album to be released this summer. Produced by AZ Films, the video for “Contrato” tells the story of a woman who would rather go on an adventure that sign a contract with the mob that will subdue her forever. Starring Marcel, Hollywood screen legend Tom Sizemore, and Playboy Playmate of the Year Bianca Richards.
Possessing a sweet, grainy tenor voice and streetwise-yet-romantic delivery, the pop urbanite was able to cross over from a reggaeton audience to the mainstream, thanks to infectious early singles such as “Rhumba.” Since that time, Marcel, who speaks three languages (English, Spanish and Farsi), has been charging toward world domination with a steady stream of videos, charting singles, and collaborations with artists such as regional Mexican superstar Joss Favela, soon to be released.